HSW’s goal is to help you remain safe and independent in your home for as long as possible by providing the following services. Under the Referral tab on the website you will find a list of Vetted providers receiving payment for their services and community organizations specializing in needs specifically for seniors. Below you will find a detailed list of services solely provided by our trained and dedicated community volunteers. 

Transportation with Member

  • Round trip service to destinations as far east as Charlottesville and as far west as Fishersville. Typically destinations shall include medical appointments and essential shopping such as groceries or pharmaceutical needs. Upon request clients may request assistance to and from their door or car and help with carrying groceries, etc.

  • Transportation service to events within the Wintergreen community will be considered if a volunteer is available.

Transportation without Member

  • Running errands to grocery stores, the post office, refuse centers, etc.

  • Delivering food ordered from local restaurants 


Transportation Restrictions

  • Volunteers may not drive members needing the use of a wheelchair. 

  • Members are limited to 1-2 rides/errands a week


Friendly Visits

  • Friendly visits provide the member with short term companionship. Visits can include conversations, reading to the member, playing games, respite time for a care provider or perhaps a walk.

  • Friendly visits can include pet care (short term walking or feeding)

  • Friendly visits are offered Monday through Fridays 10:00 am to 3:00pm. 


Friendly Visit Restrictions

  • These visits are for one to two times a week and limited to 2 hours. HSW will consider circumstances that might require longer or more frequent visits on a short term basis.

  • Long term pet care cannot be considered under normal circumstances.


Home Maintenance Inside and Out

  • Helping with minor home maintenance issues such as changing light bulbs, organizing cupboards/closets, watering plants, helping with minor repairs (leaking faucet, sticky door, etc.) and clearing snow from steps. Members will pay for supplies.


Home Maintenance Restrictions

  • Major home repairs requiring professionals, major lawn service including removal of snow from driveway and lawn mowing.


Technology Assistance

  • When available, volunteers can assist with set-up, technical and user issues for computers, smart phones, tablets, DVDs, TV remotes and internet services.

    • WiFi

    • Email

    • Software installation

    • Hardware installation

    • Backup

    • Printers

    • Help with on-line shopping

    • Help with programmable devices light timers, small appliances 


Technology Restrictions

  • Repairing computers or printers and troubleshooting software problems.


Thoughtful Foods

Providing evening meals for a short period of time (maximum of two weeks) when someone is experiencing a stressful time due to surgery, death in a family, etc.)