Here To Stay in Wintergreen membership will  open to all residents of the Wintergreen community on January 29, 2021. The membership this year is called COVID Membership because of the necessary restrictions of the pandemic, and the fees reflect this. Household fees are $180 annually and,, singles $120. They may be paid annually or semiannually.


Membership fee support is possible if needed.  Membership is available to all in our community regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. There is no age restriction. HSW volunteers may become members and members may also volunteer; there is value in doing both. We are an inclusive community organization, dedicated to helping those who need assistance now and we will remain open to helping others at any time they choose.


Aging is a lifetime event. Each of us experiences conditions and the passage of time differently. Within the greater Wintergreen community there are persons requiring assistance now to age safely at home, while there are others able to volunteer and postpone the need for a helping hand until a later date.

However, regardless of our current situation, it is wise to recognize that an illness, injury, or accident can occur at any moment, whereby anyone would benefit from the generosity of their neighbors. 

The winning scenario of HSW membership is knowing you can be of service as long as you are able with the confidence to reasonably expect reliable assistance from another HTSW member if or when you might need help.

Such a reassuring, reciprocal relationship with HSW can offer a dependable sense of security and peace of mind as you grow older in the home of your choice.



Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Here To Stay in Wintergreen. We invite you download, print, and to fill out this application so we can get to know you.


Once you complete the application, we will set up a time for an interview in your home so you can tell us more about your needs and we can talk about how Here To Stay in Wintergreen can assist you.

A Guide for Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Click here to view a listing of the services we do and don’t offer.


Please return your completed application to:

Here To Stay in Wintergreen

PO Box 138

Nellysford, VA 22958